Welcome to the 12th Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival!

This year we have expanded to be the largest transgender film festival in the world!


This powerful documentary told by CeCe McDonald and Laverne Cox chronicles CeCe’s unjust incarceration in a men’s prison and her role as the movement’s icon confronting violence against and incarceration of transwomen of color. CeCe and director, Jac Gares, in attendance!


Joe Stevens and special guest Ben Wallace, subjects of REAL BOY, perform a one-night only concert at Translations!


An Iranian-Armenian transman who immigrated to the US in childhood travels to Armenia for the first time to seek a marriage blessing and approval from those who must transcend their culture in order to accept him.


When Sadie’s mom gives her a one-year transit pass her whole world opens up. Sadie is befriended by Miami and her clique of queers and misfits. Has she finally found a place where she belongs? Or will old insecurities and crushes a get in the way?

Closing Night! DIE BEAUTIFUL

By weaving together her present-day glamorous wake with her extraordinary and challenging past, this acclaimed feature paints a beautiful portrait of Trisha, a Filipina transwoman. Best Actor Winner at the Metro Manilla and Tokyo International Film Festivals.

These are just a few of the highlights from this year’s expanded festival with over 70 films from 20 different countries, 6 different shorts programs, special guests and live events to choose from!

Check out all of what Translations has to offer!